The Most Valuable Engagement Ring Brands


The Most Valuable Engagement Ring Brands

If you’re looking to sell an engagement ring, brand can impact the value and the amount you recieve for it. Find out how and why, plus which engagement ring brands to look out for.

How Important is the Brand When Buying/Selling a Ring?

When it comes to selling an engagement ring, the brand does hold weight. Brand equates to quality and value, so it’s definitely a selling point.

If your engagement ring isn’t brand name, though, don’t fret. All engagement rings are unique, and it’s those unique factors that make them special and valuable. If you get your ring appraised by a qualified appraiser before you sell, they will be able to pick up on the selling factors and offer a price that’s true to its value.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Brands


Valuable engagement ring brand - Cartier

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Extremely well known for luxury watches and fine jewelry, this French company is also known for quality
engagement rings in classic styles that stun
beyond lifetimes. The name “Cartier” has been tied back
to classic beauties like Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Middleton.
Did you know that Prince Rainier III gifted Grace Kelly a huge emerald cut Cartier engagement ring? A few years ago, Mary-Kate Olsen was seen with a vintage 4-carat Cartier engagement ring valued at $81,250.


DeBeers is a classic, American diamond company. They made their mark in our history by coining the slogan:
“A Diamond is Forever”. This slogan alone solidified the tradition of a diamond engagement ring as an everlasting
and enduring symbol of marriage.

DeBeers greatly influenced the American economy in the 1930s. Although there were tough economic times, they used endless marketing efforts to spur purchases of diamond engagement rings—and it worked. Talk about good branding!

Harry Winston

Most valuable engagement ring brands - Harry Winsten

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Harry Winston is an American favorite. The brand gets it value from Harry Winston himself, also known as the King of Diamonds, who is well-known as a jewelry expert and connoisseur. He has an impressive history of importing only the most selective jewels for his pieces with inventive styles throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He adorned celebs and even royals with his fine jewels. Harry Winston is still a very popular and timeless brand. You’ve surely seen some Harry Winston engagement rings in the press. Remember the good times of Bennifer? Ben Affleck briefly gifted Jennifer Lopez a stunning pink diamond Harry Winston engagement ring valued at $1.2 million.
Must have been heartbreakingto give back, Jen!

Lorraine Schwartz

Most valuable engagement ring brands - Lorraine Schwartz

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We’re sure you heard of this famous American jewelry designer, who often adorns the most major starlets at award shows. Do you remember Lady Gaga’s amazing six-carat heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from (now former) fiancé Taylor Kinney?

Yup, that’s by the amazing Lorraine Schwartz, and it’s worth $500,000. She also designed Kim Kardashian’s $2 million ring from Kris Humphries and Beyonce’s amazing emerald engagement ring (that’s said to have cost a whopping $5 million).

Although probably a newer name to our ears when it comes to thinking of valuable engagement rings, her family has been in the jewelry business for generations. Now she’s known as jeweler to the stars.

Tiffany & Co.

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You probably know this brand by its signature robin’s egg blue packaging; the term “Tiffany Blue Box” is even trademarked by the company.

Tiffany & Co. is an extremely popular American brand known around the whole world. Why is Tiffany so popular? Well, it symbolizes only the finest jewelry. They also introduced a signature style in 1886 that became the classic image of what we think a diamond engagement ring should be today. This brand is the epitome of class and glamor. And the jaw-dropping cushion-cut diamond ring seen right? It runs $1,800,000!

Engagement Ring Heirlooms

The top 5 engagement ring brands are sure to hold value over time, so if you love your ring, keep it in the family!

We understand that in some cases, situations don’t work out or what was once sentimental, isn’t anymore. In those cases, why let old jewelry collect dust in your jewelry box? Cash in your valuables for top dollar! At Diamond Buyers, we offer free appraisals by GIA-trained gemologists, so we can adequately assess your jewelry and see its worth. That’s why we’re able to offer top dollar for quality jewelry. We provide cash offers within just a few business days; and through our transparent and safe online  and in-person processes, you get a bonded and insured sale.

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