Sell Engagement Rings

Sell Engagement Ring

When it comes to selling engagement rings you need an expert on your side.  Diamond Buyers has been buying diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings and other fine jewelry since 1978.  We know engagement rings and are confident we will provide you with a truly satisfying experience.  Our staff consists of highly trained GIA gemologist who have extensive knowledge in evaluating diamond jewelry.  Receive a free engagement ring estimate today.

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Why Sell Engagement Rings

Circumstances change, people change, and sometimes what was right once isn’t now.  There are several reasons for selling an engagement ring–maybe you’re going through a divorce, she said no, or perhaps you have an old family heirloom you simply don’t want or need.  Whatever the reason, selling your engagement ring to a reputable diamond buyer can free up cash for other opportunities.  Some people even choose to sell the diamond from the setting and use the cash to upgrade their diamond.  The opportunities are endless but one thing is certain – selling your engagement ring can be an extremely rewarding experience.

How to Sell Engagement Rings with Diamond Buyers

Selling your engagement ring with Diamond Buyers is fast and easy.  At Diamond Buyers we understand the emotions behind selling an engagement ring, which is why our expert diamond appraisers will walk you through the entire process to ensure you feel confident when selling your ring.  There are two ways to sell your engagement ring with Diamond Buyers:

Sell Engagement Ring Houston

Although we buy engagement rings and diamonds nationwide,our headquarters are in Houston, TX.  If you are local to the Houston area, we invite you stop by our Galleria-area showroom for a free diamond estimate.  Our trained GIA gemologists are ready to evaluate your engagement ring and make a cash offer.  We also accept appointments.  Contact us today to schedule a time to show your engagement ring.

Sell Engagement Ring Online

Not in the Houston area?  No problem!  Diamond Buyers buys jewelry nationwide and has even developed an extremely safe and secure process to ensure your items are 100% insured throughout the whole process.  To get started, simply fill out our online form and receive a free preliminary offer.

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Determining the Value of an Engagement Ring

Our staff of highly trained GIA gemologist evaluate each piece of jewelry based on the following criteria:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Cut
Diamond Value Factors

Your diamond ring will also be evaluated based on proportion and diamond shape.  For more information on how to evaluate your diamond before you sell visit our blog on Diamond Value Factors  Regardless of shape, size, cut, and clarity our expert gemologist will evaluate your jewelry and provide a true market value offer.

The Diamond Buyers Difference

At, we understand the numerous reasons to sell your engagement, wedding, and other diamond jewelry.  Whatever the reason, our diamond appraisal experts will guide you through the simple and confidential process. Our vast knowledge and notable reputation allows us to provide you with fair educated offers on your diamond jewelry. Once you are ready to sell, payment will be immediate. Let us demonstrate why we remain one of the most trusted names in the industry since 1978.