Sell Jewelry Quickly and Easily with Diamond Buyers

There are many reasons to sell jewelry. Whether you have outgrown the style, inherited a piece that is not your taste, or simply just need fast cash, we can help. At Diamond Buyers we understand the numerous reasons individuals choose to sell their unwanted jewelry and treat each case as unique as the situation. Our team of experts are highly trained to evaluate the quality, uniqueness, and timelessness of each piece of jewelry that comes their way.

Diamond Buyer’s team of appraisers are GIA certified and have years of experience evaluating diamonds, engagement rings, fine jewelry, watches, and more. They are prepared to offer a fair and honest true market value of your jewelry – not the retail replacement value. Once you are ready to sell, payment will be immediate. It’s that easy!

How the process works

Diamond Buyers offers 2 simple and secure ways to sell your jewelry:

1. Sell jewelry Houston:

Our office is located in beautiful Houston, Texas and is a convenient option for those who are local and looking to sell their unwanted jewelry. Simply make an appointment or walk in, and one of our highly trained jewelry experts will assist you through the evaluation process. Once you are ready to sell payment is immediate.

2. Sell jewelry online

Although Diamond Buyers is located in Houston, we happily purchase jewelry nationwide. We are proud to offer the most secure and transparent online selling process in the industry. Once you are ready to sell your jewelry online, simply fill out our free online evaluation form, request our free and 100% insured sure ship kit, watch the evaluation process online, and receive your payment. It’s really that simple.

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